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Degenerative conditions, such as osteoarthritis, can make everyday movements excruciating. Sometimes those conditions can wear away at the bones in your joints, giving you few options for relief. Joint replacement offers the option to surgically remove and replace the damaged joint tissue, relieving you of your pain. The surgeons at Crescent City Orthopedics are made up of several joint repair experts serving Metairie, Louisiana, patients.

Joint Replacement Q & A

What is joint replacement?

Joint replacement is the surgical removal and replacement of a diseased or damaged joint. Crescent City Orthopedics offers both complete and partial joint removal procedures, including several minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Which joints can be surgically replaced?

The most common joints that qualify for joint replacement surgery are the hip and knee, but other joints may be candidates as well depending on your overall health, the extent of your joint damage, and your quality of life.

The doctors at Crescent City Orthopedics can guide you through your options when you're dealing with overwhelming joint pain.

What are the risks of joint replacement surgery?

Like all surgeries, joint replacement carries some risk. These include:

  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Post-operative pain

The skill of your surgeon will help limit these risks significantly, and the team at Crescent City Orthopedics is among the best in the area for joint replacement surgery.

Who is a good candidate for joint replacement surgery?

You're a good candidate for joint replacement surgery if:

  • Your arthritis greatly impacts your quality of life and daily living tasks
  • Your overall health is well enough to handle surgery
  • More conservative measures were ineffective
  • Your pain comes from a diseased or damaged joint

Because joint replacement is surgery, and surgery always carries risk, the doctors at Crescent City Orthopedics will try other more conservative measures first, before recommending joint replacement.

What is the recovery like after joint replacement surgery?

Many patients report almost instant relief from their joint pain after surgery, but you can expect to see full results three to six months post-surgery.

The new, innovative surgical methods that the Crescent City Orthopedics doctors use to perform joint replacement surgery help to lessen your recovery period significantly. Still, joint replacement does require a short hospital stay and some time after surgery to allow the area to heal.

Joint replacement surgery is a way to give you back normal function after arthritis or other problems have damaged your joints. If you're curious about the benefits of joint replacement surgery, contact the team at Crescent City Orthopedics.

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