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Whether it's a nagging, constant pain or a sudden, sharp pain, elbow pain can make enjoying a normal quality of life difficult. If you're suffering from elbow pain, relief is possible. Whether through therapy, medication, surgery, or lifestyle modifications, you can get relief from your pain with a visit to the Metairie, Louisiana, orthopedic surgeons at Crescent City Orthopedics.

Elbow Pain Q & A

What causes elbow pain?

Elbow pain occurs for one of three main reasons:

  • Overuse injuries
  • Chronic problems
  • Traumatic injuries

Overuse injuries include conditions like tendonitis or epicondylitis, which occur with frequent, repetitive motions of the elbow. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of chronic problem. A traumatic injury can lead to a tear, rupture, dislocation, or fracture of one of the elbow's many connected parts.

How is elbow pain diagnosed?

When you visit Crescent City Orthopedics with elbow pain, your doctor will start with a thorough physical exam and medical history.

You can expect to answer several questions about what you were doing when the pain started and what common activities you enjoy. That helps your doctor pinpoint any overuse injury risks, such as is common with golfers or tennis players.

Then, you will have an X-ray and other imaging tests to locate the cause of the pain. If necessary, your surgeon may perform arthroscopy to see the elbow from the inside and find the cause of your pain.

How is elbow pain treated?

Treatment for your elbow pain will depend on its cause. Often, you can treat overuse injuries with rest and ice. Once the area has healed, lifestyle modification can help prevent re-injury.

Osteoarthritis is typically treated with medication to help reduce stiffness and inflammation. Patients with injured soft tissue, such as tears, or fractures may require surgery for full recovery.

At Crescent City Orthopedics, your surgeon will choose the least invasive treatment option possible to restore normal function to your elbow.

When should I see a doctor for elbow pain?

You should consider seeing a doctor whenever your elbow pain negatively impacts your life. Traumatic injuries with severe pain or swelling require a visit to urgent care or the emergency room, but most other conditions can wait for a visit to Crescent City Orthopedics. You should schedule an office visit if:

  • Your elbow pain doesn't improve with rest at home
  • You're feeing pain even without using your arm
  • Your pain or swelling is getting worse

If you're experiencing any of these problems or are concerned about nagging elbow pain, make an appointment with Crescent City Orthopedics. The practice's skilled surgeons will provide true solutions to your pain that will get you back on the road to recovery quickly, so you can start enjoying a normal quality of life again.

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