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Does the thought of surgery make you feel anxious? For most joint injuries, open surgeries with long recovery periods are no longer necessary. The team of surgeons at Crescent City Orthopedics offers arthroscopy as an alternative to traditional surgery. This minimally invasive surgical technique can help repair joint damage precisely, with less downtime and risk. For patients in Metairie, Louisiana, arthroscopy means getting back to normal activities more quickly, free from pain and discomfort.

Arthroscopy Q & A

What is arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a surgical technique that uses small incisions, cameras, and instruments to visualize the joint and fix the damage or injury to a joint.

The procedure begins when your surgeon inserts a small fiber optic camera into a tiny incision. After viewing the injured joint, the surgeon repairs the damage using tiny surgical instruments inserted into small incisions strategically placed around the joint.

All that happens without the need for a large surgical incision.

Why should a patient consider arthroscopy?

The surgeons at Crescent City Orthopedics specialize in arthroscopy because of its many benefits. Some of these include:

  • Smaller incisions
  • More precise instruments
  • Better imaging of the joint
  • Less blood loss
  • Less risk of infection
  • Decreased scaring
  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster return to activities

Because of the benefits, the team at Crescent City Orthopedics uses arthroscopy whenever possible to treat joint pain and injuries.

How is arthroscopy helpful in diagnosing conditions?

The surgeons at Crescent City Orthopedics will sometimes use arthroscopy to diagnose injuries and problems when non-surgical imaging isn't effective.

The tiny camera inserted through a small incision gives precise imaging of the affected joint, allowing the surgical team to diagnose the problem and make a treatment plan.

What types of injuries qualify for arthroscopic surgery?

Arthroscopy can be used for a number of injuries and problems, including:

  • ACL tears
  • Meniscal tears
  • Damage to cartilage
  • Rotator cuff damage
  • Labral tears
  • Bone impingement
  • Recurrent dislocations
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Cartilage damage

Arthroscopy is available to treat injuries and damage to many different joins in the body, including the knee, shoulder, elbow, and ankle.

When is arthroscopy recommended?

Arthroscopy is advisable any time that it's a viable option to treat the injury effectively. At Crescent City Orthopedics, arthroscopy is the first choice for treatment, and open surgery is only considered when necessary to provide full relief of the injury or pain.

Crescent City Orthopedics has a team of arthroscopy specialists who are ready to help you find relief from your pain or injury. If you have an injury and are wondering whether or not you're a candidate for arthroscopy, the team will help you make this important decision.

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