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Tips for Exercising When You Have Arthritis

Tips for Exercising When You Have Arthritis

If you enjoy exercising but find that your arthritis gets in the way, we can guide you on keeping your active life.

Here at Crescent City Orthopedics, we understand the limitations arthritis can put on your life. We also know that this disease doesn’t have to stop you from experiencing the benefits of moving your body. Not only that — exercise can improve your arthritis discomfort and enhance your overall quality of life.

Benefits of exercise

When you feel stiffness in your joints from arthritis, it’s easy to assume that putting your body in motion might be too taxing. But that’s not true. Moderate exercise can ease your pain and help you stay within a healthy weight range.

When practicing the right kind of exercises, you can experience:

When you don’t exercise, your muscles weaken, which puts more stress on your joints.

Types of exercises

We encourage several different types of exercises that keep your body moving easily while targeting your muscles and heart at the same time.

Range-of-motion exercises involve stretching your arms by reaching up high or rolling your shoulders back and forth. This can lessen any stiffness you have and be done every day.

To strengthen your muscles to protect your joints, you can do weight training using hand weights, machines, or resistance bands. These exercises should be done two days a week but not on back-to-back days.

To raise your heart rate and improve your lung health, add exercises that are easy on your joints, such as walking, swimming, or water aerobics. Your goal should be about 150 minutes a week, meaning you can do 10-15 minutes daily.

Protecting your joints

When exercising, you should always keep safety in mind. While the movement is crucial, take these precautionary actions:

The bottom line is don’t overdo it. Listen to your body, and treat it well. As you exercise the right way, your body will get stronger.

To learn more about exercising with arthritis, call our friendly office staff in Metairie, Louisiana, today. Or, for convenience, book an appointment online.

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