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How to Manage Arthritis Through the Winter

How to Manage Arthritis Through the Winter

The winter months can wreak havoc on your body, especially if you have arthritis. With cold weather settling in, we know that this season can affect your joint pain.

Our team at Crescent City Orthopedics has compassion for what you’re going through. We also have the expertise to help you through this time. With our knowledge and experience, we can have guidance to offer on how to relieve your discomfort.

How winter affects your joint pain

As soon as the cool breezes start to come your way, it seems that the joint pain starts to intensify. With about 23% of adult Americans having arthritis, many claim that their symptoms get worse with cold weather. But why does this happen?

The change in the humidity can be the root cause of damaging your bone cells and cartilage. You might also experience a flare-up because your body becomes more sensitive to nerve stimulation. Although cold weather doesn’t cause your arthritis, it can increase your joint pain that causes redness and swelling.

Also, you may tend to be less physically active when it’s cold. If you’d rather stay cozy on the couch rather than get out for some exercise, you might experience more arthritic pain because your joints stiffen when they’re inactive.

How to reduce your arthritic pain during the cold season

Even though winter can be hard on your arthritic symptoms, you can take steps to combat your issues. 

Try these:

Stay warm

Wear more clothing and dress in layers to keep your body insulated. Add socks, scarves, and additional layering to keep you warm. These small actions can help relieve your joint pain.

Stay active

Even though it’s cold outside, find ways to keep your body moving. Stretch in the comfort of your own home. Go for a brisk walk or do some yoga poses. When you’re active, your stiffness subsides, which can help reduce your arthritic issues.

Massage the arthritic area

Whether you do this yourself or have a helping hand, massaging the affected area can get your blood flowing in the targeted areas of pain and warm them up. The overall effect loosens your joints and helps your stiff muscles relax.

If you struggle with arthritic pain, and the winter months seem to intensify it, call us or book your appointment online today at the office nearest you in Metairie, Chalmette, or Covington, Louisiana. If you’re not able to leave your location, we also provide telemedicine visits as a convenient option.

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