Everyday Activities That May Be Hurting Your Joints

Everyday Activities That May Be Hurting Your Joints, joint pain,

If you’re having joint pain, you might be blaming it on an old injury or even worrying about the onset of arthritis. But your pain could actually be caused by certain habits or everyday activities that you don’t even think about.

Taking care of your joints and minimizing the wear and tear can help you reduce joint pain and possibly even ward off osteoarthritis later in life. Here are some common mistakes that you could be making in your daily life that can hurt your joints now and in the long run.     

Poor posture

Many of us work in an office, sitting down at a computer. Maintaining the same cramped position all day, and doing repetitive motions, like typing, can lead to joint pressure and ultimately wear and tear.

To prevent this issue, take short breaks by standing up and stretching or going for a brief walk every 10 to 20 minutes. You might even want to get a standing desk so you can alternate between sitting and standing.

It’s also important to maintain proper posture while you are relaxing, so be sure to pay attention to your posture when doing everyday things like watching TV or reading.

Rough or improper exercise

While regular exercise, like swimming and bicycling, can actually have a positive impact on your joint health, exercising improperly or overexerting yourself can have the opposite effect.

It’s important to make sure that you’re practicing proper techniques when working out, and it’s also important not to exceed your limits or work out when you have pain or injuries.


Similar to being too rough on your joints, or doing the same repetitive motions, staying sedentary can also lead to joint wear and pain. Exercising prevents your joints from becoming stiff and inflexible.

It’s recommended that you get at least 30 minutes of moderate activity daily to maintain healthy joints. Yoga and pilates are great low-impact activities that are easy on the joints.

Ignoring pain

During your daily activities, including exercising, sitting at your computer, or just lounging around at home, it’s important to note when you start to feel pain.

While working out or maintaining focus at work through minor aches is okay, when pain becomes more intense, you should not ignore it. Take a break, stretch, or relax for a bit, and listen to your body’s natural signals.

Take care of your joints

At Crescent City Orthopedics, we understand that this is the only body you have, and that you need to take care of it. That’s why we make your joint health and well-being our top priority, with preventive and innovative orthopedic care.

If you’re experiencing discomfort, pain, or stiffness in your joints, call us or schedule an appointment online today.

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