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Do You Know the Signs of a Labrum Tear?

Sometimes you can trace your shoulder pain to something you did, other times you can't. At a certain point though, it doesn’t matter what caused it; as long as the pain goes away.

At Crescent City Orthopedics & Physical Therapy we specialize in treating your labrum tear, as well as other orthopedic issues. Our focus is providing care that’s specifically customized to you. Our doctors take a conservative approach to treating injuries because we believe in analyzing your pain through diverse medical lenses in order to provide relief. 

Are you experiencing shoulder pain that won't go away? You might have a torn labrum that needs treatment ASAP.

What exactly is the labrum?

It turns out your labrum is pretty important and central to your shoulder’s range of movement. The labrum is flexible tissue that serves to support your entire shoulder joint. Your labrum is easy to ignore — until it isn’t, due to pain, which can limit your movement so much that you can’t even raise your arm above shoulder level.

How do I know if I have a torn labrum?

Aside from persistent, sometimes severe pain, there are several other indications you’ve torn your labrum:

You may experience just one of these symptoms, or multiple symptoms simultaneously, and they can mimic those of a torn rotator cuff. However the symptoms manifest, you’re going to want treatment ASAP, as waiting can worsen the problem. 

Why does a labral tear occur? 

The most common causes of a labral tear include:

Our doctors diagnose by investigating your history of pain thoroughly. From there, we'll likely order an imaging test to gather definitive information and plan your course of treatment.

How should I get my torn labrum diagnosed and treated?

We usually try noninvasive treatments first. Such as medication, resting your shoulder, icing it, and physical therapy. With that said, sometimes surgery is necessary. If that's the case there's no need to worry! You're in the best hands possible. The surgery designed for serious labral tears, called shoulder arthroscopy, is minimally invasive.

The end goal: Resuming your life

Our stellar team is devoted to listening, diagnosing, and treating you from start to finish. Whether you're experiencing a labrum tear or another problem, we're here for you. 

Are you tired of the pain? Contact our office to schedule a consultation today! We look forward to working with you!

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