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4 Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Tear

On a yearly average, about 2 million Americans see their doctor for a rotator cuff tear. It’s a common problem that weakens the use of your shoulder and can severely affect your ability to participate in your favorite activities.

At Crescent City Orthopedics in Metairie, Louisiana, we’re a team of rotator cuff tear specialists who understand your condition’s complexity. We can effectively evaluate your tear and give guidance on how to treat it.

Symptoms of a rotator cuff tear

Whether you experience a partial or full-thickness rotator cuff tear, your symptoms include:

  1. Pain when using your shoulder
  2. Pain when resting your shoulder
  3. Weakness in your arm
  4. Crackling noise and sensation when rotating your shoulder

If you notice any signs of having this injury, schedule an appointment to come in and see our team. You don’t want to ignore your rotator cuff tear, or it can get worse. We can evaluate your condition, give you an accurate diagnosis, and help treat it.

Causes of a rotator cuff tear

Your rotator cuff can tear due to an injury or degeneration over time with age. An injury can involve falling on your arm or jerking your shoulder too hard. It can also occur in conjunction with an injury near your rotator cuff, such as breaking your collarbone or dislocating your shoulder.

As you get older, your more active arm can start to show signs of a rotator cuff tear that comes from repeating a certain motion in your sport or daily routine, having a lack of blood supply to your tendons, or developing a bone spur near your rotator cuff tendon.

Noninvasive treatment for your rotator cuff tear

Our team recommends nonsurgical treatments, including:

Our conservative treatment methods take away any risk you might have with surgery, including infection, complications with anesthesia, and a lengthy recovery.

When you need surgery for your rotator cuff tear

We recommend surgery when you experience the following:

We perform rotator cuff surgery arthroscopically, which only requires a pencil-sized incision, using a tiny camera and tools to repair your injury. This type of surgery benefits you greatly because your body can recover from this procedure much easier than with invasive surgery.

If you have rotator cuff tear symptoms, contact us today by phone at one of our three locations, or use the online booking tool. You can also feel free to send our team a message if you have questions or concerns.

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